The Elevated Lounge

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HexaYurt Interior Layouts_delux 8.jpg

The Elevated Lounge

from 3,950.00

Includes Event Delivery & Set-Up, Air Conditioning & Bedding

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Bedding (Included):
Event Delivery & Assembly (Included):
Air Conditioning (Included):
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** The Weekly Rate Applies to All Burning Man Yurt Rentals **

The Elevated Lounge is an air conditioned & spacious yurt with a vibey, glamping interior that is delivered & set up at your desired location.   You choice of Burner Yurt's 4' Classic or the he "Burner Yurt 5' Elevated Hexayurt".  The additional 1 foot of wall height in the "Burner Yurt 5' Elevated Hexayurt" creates plenty of comfortable standing room & easy access through the larger yurt door.  Like all Burner Yurts, our structures have 166 sf of interior floor-plan space, painted white walls, 3 wood framed windows, 3 sky lights, & the Burner Yurt signature "triangle barn door".


  • Event Delivery & Assembly
  • 1 x Burner Yurt 5' Elevated Hexayurt OR Burner Yurt 4' Classic with 166sf of floor space (recommended max of 3 people, but can squeeze up to 4)
  • 1 x Air Conditioning Unit (*note: client is responsible for supplying electricity.  Please check with your camp for details)
  • 1 x Queen High Quality Blow Up Mattress OR 2 x Twin High Quality Blow Up Mattresses with Hotel Grade Linens & Sleeping Pillows.
  • 1 x Large Solar Pendant Chandelier
  • 1 x Medium Carpet
  • The Ultimate Shelf
  • 1 x Mirror
  • Double Pillows
  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • 5+ candles

Additional Information

  • Burner Yurts' Featured Packages apply to most, but not all festivals & events.  Please contact us to confirm availability & service for a specific event.